Supermetrics Acquire Da Vinci Tools

A new home for the Google Marketing Platform power tools used by over 10,000 smart digital marketers and analysts.

Finding a new home for Da Vinci Tools was super important for me. Supermetrics has a great vision, has the capacity to bring it to the next level and on top of that, I have the opportunity to endorse a product and a company which already offers powerful tools to marketers.

The Little Story Behind Da Vinci Tools

In 1982, a guy by the name of Peter Norton introduced “unerase” for people using the DOS operating system on PCs. By 1984, he had developed several other tools and revenues were very decent. Soon enough, everyone using a PC knew about Norton Utilities, and of course, what became flagship products: Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, and Norton SystemWorks.

The concept behind Norton was the creation of several small, niche, specialized tools. Some were better than others, some survived while others disappeared. Eventually, some of those tools grew a life of their own and became full-fledged products. The success story of Norton was an inspiration for Da Vinci Tools.

The idea for Da Vinci Tools emerged several years ago. After months of development and several very handy and acclaimed enhancements for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Ads and Data Studio and growing the user base to over 10,000 active users, the value proposition is there and the concept clearly has potential. It is time to take Da Vinci Tools to the next level.

Supercharging Da Vinci Tools

Supermetrics is used by over 400,000 marketers in more than 120 countries. It is well known in the digital marketing community as a SaaS product that helps marketers move all their marketing data into places like Google Sheets, Excel, Google Data Studio, and data warehousing solutions such as BigQuery. In many ways, we share a similar mission: empowering marketers to analyze data and discover insights effortlessly and without technical skills. We also serve a similar audience while our products complement each other. The combined product offering will provide more value to users of both companies.

What Does it Mean for Da Vinci Tools and Supermetrics Users?

After discussions with the Supermetrics team, it was clear there was a perfect match: they have the vision, the resources, and the potential to bring Da Vinci Tools to the next level.

Da Vinci Tools will continue as a standalone offering. Supermetrics will support, operate, and promote Da Vinci Tools, keep offering it to marketers and analysts for free.

There will be new interesting features for Da Vinci Tools and some existing features will be brought into Supermetrics’ products.

We’ve been on a constant lookout for new ways to provide more value to our users, both by building new features and products, as well as strategic partnerships. Da Vinci Tools was a natural fit, allowing us to help marketers and analysts better report and analyze their marketing data in Google Sheets, Google Data Studio as well as the Google Analytics UI. — Supermetrics CEO, Mikael Thuneberg

Don’t worry, I won’t be too far! I will play an active role as an advocate and evangelist for Supermetrics, including, among other things, data and user privacy.

This is exciting!

Stéphane Hamel is a seasoned independent digital marketing and analytics consultant, innovator, teacher and speaker with a strong interest for user privacy and the ethical use of data.

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All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust. Digital marketer & analyst with a strong interest in privacy and the ethical use of data.

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