#NoConsentNoTracking: Intro and Q&A

Radical transparency, user consent & control will lead to greater brand value.

Stéphane Hamel, MBA, OMCP


It’s not the first time I’ve created controversy. . .

Nearly fifteen years ago, when a guru at the time was travelling the world claiming that “web analytics is hard,” I defended the idea that it could be easy. The complexity of digital analytics is immensely greater today, yet I stand by what I said: it can be easy.

A decade ago, I presented the Digital Analytics Maturity Model for the first time—some people said “been there, done that” and the infamous “All models are wrong, some are useful.” Yet the main benefit of a maturity model, then or now, is the conversation it sparks. Over time, the concept of “maturity” has developed into a de facto approach to analysis.

A couple of years ago I talked about “Radical Analytics” — making an argument that the way most digital analytics was done needed a radically different approach. I was met with some skepticism, but also a lot of praise.

I’ve never been shy about sharing my views, sometimes they’ve been less than eloquent, sometimes they’ve even seemed counterintuitive or even controversial.

Here Comes #NoConsentNoTracking

Over the past few months, I’ve been advocating for #NoConsentNoTracking. Some people in my network think I’ve suddenly turned my back on nearly two decades of digital marketing and analytics advocacy or that I’m against any form of tracking. Not at all.

Not everyone will agree, and that’s fine. After all, ethics is so close to our personal values, and privacy is on a spectrum from the most reckless “I have nothing to hide” to the most obsessive who sees evil everywhere.

I recently had the pleasure of sharing the virtual stage with several other industries thought leaders during the impressive Measure Summit hosted by Julian Juenemann and Chris Mercer. Listen to my thoughts on #NoConsentNoTracking, watch the recording and let’s continue the conversation — comment below or contact me in confidence. I’ll update the…