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All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust. Digital marketer & analyst with a strong interest in privacy and the ethical use of data.


  • Mohit Vashisht

    Mohit Vashisht

    A hands-on data-driven marketer bullish on digital media strategies & tactics; a keen observer, patient listener who proactively procrastinates & loves to Rock!

  • kamal


  • Sara R. Ibañez

    Sara R. Ibañez

    Digital stuff lover. Working in Social Media since Facebook was born.

  • Rohit


    Mostly mindless. Arsenal fan.

  • Yann Sadok

    Yann Sadok

    Director and specialist for digital business and IoT - Alithya

  • Julia Papageorgiou

    Julia Papageorgiou

    Director of SEO & Paid Search Agency in Cyprus - JPP Marketing. Google Adwords Qualified Individual, Google Analytics Qualified & Chartered Marketer.

  • Robert Sahlin

    Robert Sahlin

    I build data products, usually on a deadline.

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