Equifax Digital Marketing Ethics

Raising a red flag was one step, I’m now offering solutions. Will Equifax have the courage to act?

Raising a Red Flag

Nothing to reassure consumers; another chip on Desjardins’s shoulder; enough to get the attention of our elected officials and a few canned responses from Equifax…

Equifax Core Business

Equifax Answer to Journalists Inquiry

Individual Data Leaked to 3rd Parties


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Facebook c_user cookie tied to a specific user, collecting a PageView through its pixel tracker

Adobe Analytics

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Adobe Analytics receives a specific Equifax user identifier.

Data Aggregators Enrichment

Taking a broad, contextual view of the definition of personal information, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner will generally consider information collected for the purpose of Online Behavioural Advertising to be personal information, given: the fact that the purpose behind collecting information is to create profiles of individuals that in turn permit the serving of targeted ads; the powerful means available for gathering and analyzing disparate bits of data and the serious possibility of identifying affected individuals; and the potentially highly personalized nature of the resulting advertising.

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List of 3rd party sites receiving data through Equifax.ca secured section.

Offering Solutions to Equifax

1. Limit trackers to a minimum

The use of third-party trackers in a highly sensitive area of a website should be the subject of strict governance, tight security audit and kept to an absolute minimum.

2. Disclosure and Transparency

3. Tighten your Content Security Policy (CSP)

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Content Security Policy of econsumer.equifax.ca website

The Courage to do it Right


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