Bringing Font Awesome to Data Studio

This Da Vinci Tools feature will spice up your dashboard!

Note: this feature is now deprecated in Da Vinci Tools, but it was a nice experiment!

That’s the creative analysts’ conditional formatting option!

Simple Use Case

Suppose you want to spice up your dashboard with some conditional formatting. Right now, Data Studio doesn’t support this feature, although I suspect this will come eventually. In the meantime, let’s say you want to show a funny face, a smiley, or a grin depending on the value of a given metric.

Setting the Conditions

For sake of demonstration I will use the number of Sessions, but it could be any metric or any dimension value. You just want to normalize those values to a limited set of possible icons.

Mapping to Conditions Markers

Next, I created another calculated field named Conditions Markers which will map the limited set of possible values to their corresponding Font Awesome icons, like this:

Adding to Your Control

Right now, this feature works fine with Tables. All you have to do is add this dimension to your table and when you enter View mode, the proper icon should be shown:

Caveats and Future Improvements

This new feature comes with some limitations:

  • it works well with the Table control, but not with others (for now);
  • in some cases, the icons don’t get replaced right away and a refresh is necessary.

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