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The acceptability of geolocation in the Canadian Covid Alert app was clearly not met, so the government decided to exploit the mobility data of a cellular operator. So, just like that, without transparency, without consent and without control, 33 million Canadians were tracked.

My Precious!

Of course, Telus doesn’t make the raw…

Interestingly, when I write about privacy and digital marketing ethics, I don’t make any money and I don’t expect to generate any leads. It takes me hours to write an article and I don’t have an agency or vendor to support me financially.

It’s all about me, my opinions and…

In my role as an academic advisor and lecturer in the Faculty of Business Administration at Laval University, I was tasked with reorganizing what had previously been two separate courses, “Marketing Strategy” (Introduction to Marketing) and “Fundamentals of the Connected Organization” (Digital Marketing) into one course for the Executive MBA…

I’ve been following the great work of TROPT Founder, lourdes.turrecha and privacy tech advisor Debra Farber and the whole team at The Rise of Privacy Tech. Founded just two years ago with the mission “to evangelize privacy innovation and fuel the rise of privacy technology,” they have quickly built a…

I had high expectations for Kevin Hartman’s book. I was hoping to use it for a revamped edition of the digital analytics course I’ve been teaching to MBAs and MScs in marketing for a decade now.

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For such a complex topic, the actual content of the book is only 200…

Cet article fait suite à “Equifax expose les membres de Desjardins à de nouveaux risques”, publié en novembre 2019, et “Equifax Digital Marketing Ethics”, en janvier 2020.

Toute organisation dira s’engager à protéger la confidentialité et la sécurité de ses clients. Mais le font-elles vraiment ?

En juin 2019, des…

I was perusing a thread on Measure Slack about data collection/processing under the GDPR and ePD — the exceptions implemented in various EU countries (not to mention the UK, the US, Brazil, Australia, Canada, etc.).

The modern version of the browser war is a state-level compliance war.

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I felt like I was back in the early days of the web, when I…

This is the Friday recitation. Mr. Mansa asks his students:

Which of the following numbers is not in the series?
2, 4, 5, 6, 8

It’s 5, that’s obvious! All the students find the right answer, except for Caboche, who says “I thought about it, but I prefer 4 because…”.

Stéphane Hamel, MBA, OMCP

Strategic advisor, pre-seed investor, analyst, speaker, teacher with a keen interest for privacy and ethical data use.

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