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All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust. Digital marketer & analyst with a strong interest in privacy and the ethical use of data.

The solution lies not in technical exceptions and tricks but rather in a radical shift in approach, corporate culture and values.

I was perusing a thread on Measure Slack about data collection/processing under the GDPR and ePD — the exceptions implemented in various EU countries (not to mention the UK, the US, Brazil, Australia, Canada, etc.).

The modern version of the browser war is a state-level compliance war.

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I felt like I was back in the early days of the web, when I…

An intro and Q&A

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It’s not the first time I’ve created controversy…

Nearly fifteen years ago, when a guru at the time was traveling the world claiming that “web analytics is hard”, I defended the idea that it could be easy. The complexity of digital analytics is immensely greater today, yet I stand by what I said: it can be easy.


The most obvious answer to a problem may be good, but it may not be the only one!

This is the Friday recitation. Mr. Mansa asks his students:

Which of the following numbers is not in the series?
2, 4, 5, 6, 8

It’s 5, that’s obvious! All the students find the right answer, except for Caboche, who says “I thought about it, but I prefer 4 because…”.

L’initiative Le Panier Bleu est un échec annoncé.

12 mai 2021: cet article a été mentionné lors de l’étude des crédits auprès du ministre de l’Économie et de l’innovation, M. Pierre Fitzgibbon, par M. Monsef DERRAJI, député de Nelligan.

Le Dictionnaire des expressions françaises relate une belle petite histoire au sujet de l’expression “panier percé”:

Quelqu’un qui, le…

Lesson from a maverick.

I now have more than 35 years of professional experience. These days, I find myself thinking more about my retirement plan than my career plan. In the industry, I’m probably what young wolves, full of energy and aspirations, would consider a veteran. …

A forensic approach to Google Analytics data quality and compliance. audit of

I first wrote about Verified-Data six months ago. Verified-Data is a sophisticated Google Analytics auditing service from my good friend Brian Clifton, author, speaker and overall data quality and privacy expert. I recently dug back into it and thought I should do another review.

What’s the price of good data…

Bill C-11: the Canadian version of GDPR — a little less and a little more.

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Called Bill C-11, the draft was presented yesterday and so far, it seems to be well received by lawyers and privacy advocates. It is pretty ambitious and probably far from being perfect — but it is certainly a step in the right direction and something that was long overdue.


Source: Experiment watermelon vs 100 rubber bands o YouTube (I know you will watch it!)

A recap of the virtual Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen hosted by IIH Nordic on August 26, 2020.

Updated September 18, 2020

I was really looking forward to visit Copenhagen, renew with old friends and get to meet people I’ve only known virtually… but that will be for another time!

You can find a recording of the session — although for some reason there were technical issues even…

In a digital business environment, how might we measure trust? Can any quantitative data help? Or is it all qualitative?

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I was contacted by Shane Breslin, a writer, podcaster and entrepreneur who reached out to me after stumbling upon one of my old blog posts while Googling “Avinash Kaushik trust”.

Reading back my blog post brought some great memories from another time! …

All the world is made of faith, and trust, and privacy dust.

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Data has been at the heart of what I do since 1986. Even my internship in computer science involved the discovery of patterns in healthcare data. Since I installed my first web server in 1991, I have pushed the envelope on countless projects involving websites, data and marketing.

I am…

Stéphane Hamel, MBA, OMCP

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